Unlock the power of Multilingual Communication with Chat Genius.

ChatGenius conversational AI Chat Bot

Build a Multilingual AI Assistant powered by GPT‑4.


Don't have access to GPT-4 or not sure how to use it? No problem! You can still get started with an AI-powered chatbot using Chat Genius, a user-friendly platform available at Chat Genius. With Chat Genius, you can easily create your own chatbot without the need for coding or advanced AI knowledge. Start providing 24/7 customer service and support to your website visitors today!

Integrations & API

With Chat Genius, you can easily add a powerful chatbot to your website using our web widget. The widget is simple to embed and can be integrated with other messaging apps or your own application through the use of our robust Chat Genius API. Start engaging with your website visitors and improving customer satisfaction today with Chat Genius.


AI chatbot can communicate with you in many different languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and more.

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